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delicate in every way but one


I'm difficult to explain and even more-so to behold. I can be a best friend and a worst enemy, both to myself and others. I'm dyslexic in real life, but can be the most punctual person you've ever met. I struggle with depression, and battle with myself to keep it under control. I love Photography, but despise the art. I'm a Writer by nature, Philosopher by soul, and can be Dr. Seuss if I really try hard enough. I'm a smoker by choice, and drink if I get too overwhelmed. I'm probably the most opinionated and angry shy person you will ever meet. My journal... consists of many different things, depending on what I'm going through when I post.

My favorite things are very sporadic. I love music, spanning genres. I like songs, not necessarily artists. There are few artists that I follow in which I love all of their songs. Of those, are Imogen Heap, Breaking Benjamin, Gogol Bordello, Daft Punk, Electric Six, Grimes, and Men Without Hats... to name a few.

I play very few games. I love Pokemon unconditionally, though, and dedicated most of my life into breeding Pokemon. Other games I play are the Dynasty Warrior series (+Warriors Orochi), Katamari Forever, Saints Rows, World of Warcraft, Minecraft (before it went to shit), Terraria, Diablos, and Sims.

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